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Surveillance Video Services



Signal Video Services offers file conversion and upscaling of video produced by multi-camera security surveillance systems. Surveillance video systems create proprietary video files often viewable only with embedded players. The systems are designed to preserve the integrity of recorded timelapse. Our conversion process allows editing and enhancement while preserving the integrity of the original data. We do not alter the original audio-visual evidence


We will send you a secure link to upload your CCTV file. The file will be converted to a viewable .wmv that is recocnized by most players..

. Clients for surveillance video services include law enforcement, law firms, courtroom trials and private review. As a Certified Legal Video Specialist and qualified Expert Witness in Audio-Visual Evidence we are available present and testify to the video authenticity and enhancement methods. Expert witness testimony and travel is available to courtrooms on a nationwide basis.

- Police Stations.

- Patrol Car Dash Cams.

- Gas Stations.

- Private Buisiness.

- Private Residence.

- Cell Phone and Social Media.

The amount of digital information in the original files may restrict some projects and must be reviewed prior to determining if a favorable result is possible. There is a nominal charge for material review. If we feel we can produce a favorable result then an estimate of service fees will be offered.

Once conversion has been completed the video is analyzed and enhanced. A navigatable menu on SD DVD or HD BluRay Disc as well as MPEG file will be provided of final project.

- Multi-Camera synchronized editing.

- Following the "action" throughout a facility.

- Time ramping to speed up or slow down "action".

- accounting for missing numbers in the time stamp.

- Audio cleaning and transcribed by court reporter.

- Still Images

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